Moscow Institute of Electromechanics and Automatics constantly progresses as an avionics developer for new generation of aircrafts and often takes part in modernization of the aircrafts for state and business aviation. Our corporation is interested in hire both established professionals and interns Ц perspective students and graduates from core universities.

JSC УMIEAФ has job openings for engineers with following specializations:

  • Designing of micro-possessing and electronic devices;
  • Designing electronic devices and units;
  • Programming work;
  • Developing of analog electronic devices and units;
  • Developing of control moving objects systems;
  • Gyroscopic instruments and systems;
  • Aviation equipment testing and exploitation;
  • CALS-technologies;
  • Lawyer

Established professionals will find here adequate place for application all their knowledge and experience, and graduates from universities, educational institutes and colleges Ц abilities to master their skills, working in true projects under experienced superiors.

We offer our employees big opportunities for realization their ambition, creative work, and promotion on career ladder. We also offer on-theЦjob training, which includes higher education and further training on varies seminars and courses, we give opportunity to take post-graduate course and to defend theses (Research and Educational Activities). Corporate social programs are accessible to all employees (Corporate responsibility).

You can send your resume on our e-mail: aomiea@aviapribor.ru, or call us (495)2232714 ad. 3503 (personnel department).

When job interview was passed, applicant should handle the following documents:

  • RF passport, or other document establishing one's identity;
  • work-book, if it isnТt the first place of work, or the employee does not combine jobs;
  • state pension insurance policy;
  • reservists documents for persons liable to military service;
  • educational documents if the work applied for needs special education.