One of the most important aspects of our strategy is formation, development and retention our personnel, which help us to satisfy the rapidly changing requirements of today.

Our corporate responsibility is based on paying high attention to interns, for the purpose of getting the most talented and perspective people in our firm. The status of an intern helps our young employees to receive social and financial support from the company, as well as opportunities for further professional advancement. The main goal of our personnel policy is higher expertise, which we gain by means of constant education and training during the hall labor activity.

When we develop welfare strategy, we take as priority items of social protection not only of corporate staff, but of their families and our retire employees also.

There is the labor union in our company which protects the staff with the scope of Russian Federation Labor Code and the Labor Unions Law.
Our company also pays attention to health protection of the staff and their children. We offer educational and health programs (health and educational tourist vouchers and everyday cheep good-quality food).

Practical ways of social support of the MIEA staff

  1. All assignments to the MIEA employees are made with necessary payments to the government.
  2. The administration of the company subsidies everyday meals in the company canteen at the rate of about 100 rubles per person.
  3. All the MIEA employees, both present and retire are received medical treatment in special clinic. There is a medical room in the company building to offer necessary treatment if urgent medical help is needed.
  4. The distinguished employees can have bonuses, while they work, and extra money in their pension, when retire.
  5. Extra financial support is given to the employees if it is necessary, for example, as a compensation of expensive medical help.
  6. MIEA pays partly or fully for its employees health resorts vouchers.
  7. One of the ways of social support of our staff is financial help that MIEA gives to employees when they are having babies. This practice continues through the period in which a child goes to kindergarten and school.
  8. MIEA has its own health camp for employees children and grand-children. More then 90 % of vouchers costs are paid by the company.
  9. MIEA pays partly (sometimes 90%) or fully costs of tickets on Christmass and New Years children shows for our employees children.
  10. JSC MIEA delivers to its employees repayable interest-free loans for solving urgent social problems.
  11. There is a core post-graduate course and theses council, where employees can prepare and defend theses, while they work (Research and Educational Activities). As the top-management MIEA take great attention to expertise of engineering personnel, the company pays for the post-graduate courses of other institutes both on full-time and part-time forms. Appreciating ambition of its personel to get higher qualification in any form, the company gives a rise in salary in such cases.
  12. JSC MIEA has a tradition of leasing gyms to conduct sports activities.
  13. On summer Fridays in our company a working day is an hour shorter then usual.
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