In 2010 Moscow Institute of Electromechanics and Automatics began to publish scientific works collections on the Navigation and aircraft control.

First MIEA works was published in April 2010. Alexey G. Kuznetsov MIEA General Director gave to future readers the presentation:
Dear colleges! There is a lot of scientific material accumulated in MIEA that can help in further engineering work in aircraft control systems, navigation, and developing strapdown inertial systems. Since above-mentioned engineering has vast demand in scientific information support, we decide to publish a periodic subject works collections Navigation and aircraft control.

The items the publication will deal with are concern: development fly-by-wire flight control systems, flight and thrust control computer systems, integrated control systems, flight management systems, strapdown Initial Reference Systems, lazar gyros, precision quartz accelerometers, integrated board equipment, and multifunctional test benches.
We also will talk in this publication about how to improve reliability the systems we make.

Id like to highlight, that this publication is aimed for open discussion on various problems concerning control and navigation. Not only MIEA authors can be published here, we invite authors from companies related to our in share of interest to publish the results of their investigations in our collection of works.
We hope that broadening of scientific information access will help to rise higher the quality and confirm the status of aviation instrument engineering in our country.

The texts, that are published in MIEA Works can be interesting to the engineers, that work on board equipment for future aircrafts.

In August 2010 was published MIEA Works #2

In May 2011 was published MIEA Works #3

At the end of 2011 was published MIEA Works #4.

We will soon publish MIEA Works #5


Download MIEA Works #1 .pdf


Download MIEA Works #2 .pdf

 3     Download MIEA Works #3 .pdf


Download MIEA Works #4 .pdf