JSC MIEA is conducting wide researchers on following basic projects:

  • -85-204 Flight and Thrust Control Computer System and -100-1 Flight Management System design; integration of -204 flight-navigational equipment for Tu-204SM aircraft;
  • Design of -21 Integrated Flight Control System for MS-21 aircraft;
  • Design of -124 Automatic Flight Control System for heavy transport aircraft An-124 Ruslan;
  • Design of -96, -85-5, -85-1systems modifications for long-haul airliner IL-96-400;
  • Design of flight-navigational system for radar-picket aircraft;

  • Modernization of flight-navigational equipment for military objectives;
  • Generation of standard IMA modules; design of — integrated system on the basis of IMA;
  • Line of Strapdown Inertial Navigation System development; design of high-precision .