The Moscow Institute of Electromechanics and Automatics began its history as an experimental-development bureau (EDB), founded in 1951 as a part of the factory 923 for production autopilots and flight control systems for new airplanes and rockets.

Rapid progress of aviation those years brought about the necessity of development and adoption of new gyroscopic instruments and flight control systems. That is why the USSR aviation industry ministry issued an order of giving factory with routine fabrication 923 the status of experimental factory and forming experienced developing bureau (EDB), mentioned earlier, which was reorganized lately in science-research institute (SRI) 923.

Since late fifties the SRI 923 developed: autopilot for -758 guided missile, automatic flight control systems for -11 and -2 cruise missiles, autopilots -6 for bombers Tu-16, and civil airliner Il-18, and automatic flight control system for legendary supersonic airliner Tu-144.

In 1966 science-research institute became Moscow Institute of Electromechanics and Automatics (MIEA). In the period from 1970 to 1980 MIEA developed and launched into serial production flight-navigational stellar-initial systems for Tu-142, Tu-95MS, and Tu-160, developed experimental samples of stellar-initial systems for strike aircraft T-4, and aerospace aircraft Spiral, flight equipment for An-124 Ruslan, An-225, flight-navigational systems for A-50 and amphibious aeroplane A-40. Automatic and stability augmentation flight control systems developed in MIEA was used by civil airliners Tu-134, Il-86 and Tu-154. In late eighties, new generation of board equipment for Tu-204, Il-96-300, and An-70, was developed here. At the beginning of twentieth century we have made avionics for Yak-130, An-148, Tu-204SM and Su-35.

In 1994 MIEA was turned into joint-tock company and entered as a head institute into one of the first Russian instrument engineering vertical-integrated corporate — JointStock Holding Company Aviapribor-holding

In 2009 JSCMIEA entered into JSC Aircraft Engineering Concern part of the Russian Technologies State Corporation.

At present MIEA team is working on perspective projects of avionics for civil aircraft MS-21, and fifth-generation fighter T-50, and is taking part in modernization of board equipment for a line of aircraft types of state and business aviation.